A revolutionary note-taking tool.

Meteor is now discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

Thank you for all the years!


Meteor is a revolutionary note-taking tool. It will completely change the way you take notes on your mobile device.

  • Meteor is highly visual and instinctive!
  • Efficiently classify your memos in a more familiar way. Divide them into folders instead of a plain list. You can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders. The Lite version is free, but supports only a limited number of notes.
  • Take notes with words or images! Take a new picture with your camera or pick an existing image from your Photos library.
  • Reorganize your memos and folders in a snap. Simply hold your finger on an item to move, rename or delete it.
  • Easily manage bulleted lists! Type a bullet, a hyphen or an asterisk to start a list. No need to type that character on each new line, the application will take care of this for you.
  • Send your notes and images to any another app. You can send whole folders in the form of a zip file.
  • Looking for that important memo but can't remember where you put it? Don't worry, Meteor is searchable.
  • Print and email your notes.
  • Use a custom passcode or System Authentication (your system passcode, Touch ID or Face ID) to protect access to your data.
  • Full support for Retina Display and the iPad.
  • Customize the appearance! In the options menu, choose your favourite font style, size, and theme.